Hi there! I’m Coby Chapple. I work on product at Intercom, a company that’s on a mission to make business much more personal and human. I write and speak about working remotely, building products, and technology in general.

Outside of my work I enjoy photography, mountain biking, and generally being active. In various past lives I’ve been a hip-hop teacher, competitive breakdancer, gold-medal barbershop singer, and 11 time national modern jive champion. I have a fairly fierce competitive streak.

I’m originally from New Zealand, and also lived in Australia for over a decade too, before moving to the UK in 2012. I mostly work from my home Perthshire, Scotland. It’s beautiful here. You should visit.

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Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook, by Coby Chapple (@cobyism)

Looking for a remote job, but don’t know where to start? I wrote the Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook precisely for you.