The complete

Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook

The Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook

If you’ve never worked remotely before, it’s hard to know where to start, what employers really look for, and how to go about getting your first remote job.

The Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook is here to help.

This guide will give you the inside information you need, and help you build a solid action plan for landing that remote job you’ve wanted for so long.

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What you’ll learn

As you progress through this book, you’ll learn how to:

… and much more.

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    The Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook
  1. Introduction
  2. Why go remote?
  3. Know your options
    • Go freelance or start a small business
    • Convincing your boss to let you go remote
    • Getting a new job as a remote employee
  4. Where to find the best remote jobs
    • Reviewing 12+ of the best remote job boards
    • More ways to discover remote positions!
  5. Build your shortlists
    • Step 1: Eliminate
    • Step 2: Prioritise
  6. What remote companies really look for
    • The key skills for remote positions
    • How to show off your remote skills
  7. Ready, set, apply!
    • A quick word on resumés
    • Handling the actual application
    • The art of following up
    • Pulling the trigger
  8. Interviewing for remote positions
    • Research and preparation
    • Nail phone screens and video calls like a pro
    • During the interview
    • Meeting the founder/boss
    • Post-interview rituals
  9. Rejection, success, and iteration
    • Handling every response with elegance
  10. Your action plan
    • Now it’s your turn!
10 chapters
90 pages
21k+ words

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About the Author

Coby Chapple (@cobyism), author of the Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook

My name is Coby Chapple (@cobyism online) and I’m a designer and manager at GitHub, a company that is rapidly changing the way the world builds software.

I’ve worked full-time as a remote employee for GitHub since 2012, and before that I also spent over 8 years contracting remotely and working from home as a freelancer. Having seen both sides of the interview table for remote jobs, my goal is to share my experience with you in book form.

Remote work has had a huge positive impact on my quality of life, and I want to help you make the switch too, so you can start realizing the incredible benefits that working remotely can bring.

Coby Chapple (@cobyism), author of the Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook

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No. You’re responsible for getting yourself hired. This book just drops some knowledge that’ll point you in the right direction and help you to be prepared for some of the nuances of seeking a remote position.
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