Hi, I'm Coby Chapple.(he/him)
Autodidact, systems thinker, product architect, pixel technician, full-stack algorithmagician, multi-media maker, cryptography geek, aspiring linguist, and generalist Designerd™ extraordinaire.


I’ve been building things for the web for nearly 20 years, and I get deep satisfaction from unblocking teams and individuals so they can grow, collaborate, and thrive. Wherever possible I try to take an integrative, holistic approach with a clear focus on rapid iteration, short feedback loops, transparent values, and high quality decision-making.

  • Having helped build GitHub (2012–2015) and Intercom (2017–2021), I’ve designed and shaped many core features of high-visibility products and high-traffic workflows, as well as growing and leading teams to do the same.

  • As a student in Seth Godin’s altMBA program—a four-week online intensive leadership workshop—I was awarded the Perkins Prize for most outstanding body of work, and was invited to join the coaching team (2016–2018) where I co-led subsequent EMEA cohorts.

  • In addition to speaking and teaching at a variety of conferences, startups, and universities, I’ve also been known to provide coaching, strategic consulting, and specialist advisory to a range of individuals and organisations on a freelance basis.

Where I’m from

I’m originally from New Zealand, where I grew up in the Bay of Islands, before moving to Auckland to begin school. The first significant chunk of my schooling was in the Waldorf/Steiner system, which I credit to a large extent with my ability to learn rapidly and think creatively. I finished off my schooling in Australia, and worked freelance while studying remotely to complete an IT degree, majoring in network security.

In various past lives I’ve also lived in Northern Ireland and Scotland—in addition to having travelled to 27 countries—so I’ve wound up with a funky accent you’ll probably struggle to place. London, UK has been a wonderful home for me since 2016, and I intend to continue living here for the foreseeable future.

What I believe

We live in a constantly changing world, and I believe a future very different from today will be upon us sooner than we think. I’m also keenly aware that:

  1. I’m effectively the epitome of privilege on most dimensions you can think of.

  2. In the cosmic Grand Scheme of Things™ my life is almost entirely insignificant.

With that in mind, I believe it is our collective duty to use what little influence we have (through our work or after-hours) to nudge things towards a more inclusive future which better represents the interests of those less privileged than you and I, and to be good ancestors for the countless future generations yet to be born.

I’d also like to believe that’s achievable while having an absurd amount of fun.

Where I'm going

To give you a sense of what all that translates to in real terms, and the directions I’m headed in general, here’s a short list of some things I’m actively pursuing:

  • Web3, blockchain technology, CRDTs, and decentralised collaboration models.

  • Fractal mathematics, hyperbolic geometry, and generative digital art.

  • Neuroplasticity, neurodiversity, and psychedelic-assisted therapies.

  • Community building, and alternative approaches to relationships.

  • Data visualisation, projection mapping, and film photography.

  • Studying Zen Buddhism, stoic philosophy, and mindfulness.

  • 3D printing, CNC machining, DIY electronics and robotics.

  • Cryptography, network security, and algorithm design.

  • Music production, sound design, and acoustics.

  • AI/ML, deep learning, and neural networks.

  • Sorting lists by line length, apparently.

If it sounds like we’re going in a similar direction, I’d love to hear from you.