A home for Jekyll’s docs

Shortly after joining GitHub, then-CEO and founder @mojombo approached me about working on a revamped documentation site for his Jekyll static site generator project.

I worked closely with Tom and the core team of maintainers to port the existing wiki content over to a clearer documentation structure, and designed a site that would hopefully set the project up in a way that would allow further growth and iteration.

While the aesthetics of the site haven’t held up to time quite as much as I’d like, this site has continued to work surprisingly well form an IA perspective as the project has evolved and grown over the years, and I’m proud of a number of the choices I made about things like navigation structure, visual heirarchy, and content architecture.

This project was one of my first significant open source contributions, and the process of designing completely in the open (both here in the open with project maintainers, and on internal GitHub projects with the rest of the design team) put me on a course to fundamentally reconsider how I thought about the design process.

Coby Chapple (@cobyism)

@cobyism—a.k.a. Coby Chapple is an autodidact, systems thinker, product architect, pixel technician, full-stack algorithmagician, multi-media maker, cryptography geek, aspiring linguist, and generalist Designerd™ extraordinaire. Read more »