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It’s a new year, and a new work-week. For many of you, today is your first day back at work after the holidays. Tell me… how does that make you feel? I want you to really ask yourself: Is this job, in this office, what you really want? Do you ever wonder if there’s something better out there for you, waiting around the corner?

Two possible futures

I’d like you to take two minutes and visualise something for me. Imagine yourself in your current job, at the desk you’ve come to know so well, and I’d like you to look around in your mind’s eye. Not just at the computer in front of you, or the walls and the carpet and your surroundings, but also sense how you feel when you’re there. How do you feel when you’re on your way there, and more importantly, how do you feel when you’re on your way back home at the end of the day?

Now… I’d like you to take that state of mind, and without changing it, fast-forward a month, 3 months, 6 months, and then a year into the future. Visualise it. You’re sitting there, on the first Monday in January, 2017, and a year’s worth of that feeling has been compounding and swelling the whole time. How do you feel now? If some part of that state of mind was negative or frustrating, then chances are a whole extra year on top doesn’t feel that great, am I right?

Ok… now let’s rewind to present day.


This time, as you begin to fast-forward, I want you to do something differently. I want you to see yourself making a change. All change is scary at first, but as you fast-forward a few weeks, or a month or two, you step up to the challenge of starting a new phase of your career. You examine the reality of what’s daunting you, and compare that to what’s actually possible instead of taking it at it’s intimidating face value. As you fast-forward further still (3 months on now), you push through into a new reality where you’ve made the shift to working remotely.

But the fast-forward doesn’t stop.

You whiz through your first few months in the new job, you start to get the hang of working in a distributed team, and you eventually wrap up the year, the holiday break is a blur (even when you’re not fast-forwarding, that’s how it often feels!), and then you finally come to rest, again… on the first Monday in January, 2017, but you’re in a whole new dimension.

Look around. Where are you? Are you relaxing in your home-office? Are you working from your favourite coffee shop? What are you wearing? How was your commute (if you even had one)? Most importantly, how does all this make you feel? How does it feel to tell your friends and your loved ones about the positive shift you made all those months ago?

Where you end up is up to you. The only thing that’s ever really in your way is you.

I want to help you make the switch

Last year, I mentioned that I was writing a book with the goal of helping people like yourself make the switch to working remotely. I was overwhelmed with the response I got. I couldn’t believe it. Hundreds of people have now signed up to the launch list, and despite my original timeline estimation being off by several orders of magnitude (I’ve never written a book before—gimme a break!), I’m at the point now where I’m just about ready to let this baby loose.

So! If pulling the trigger and going remote in 2016 gets you gears turning, then I’ve got some great news to share: The Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook is almost here!

On your marks…

Mark this date in your calendar. The Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook will be available to purchase on Feb 1st, 2016. If you’ve ever dreamt of making the switch to working remotely, then you better start gearing yourself up for the positive change you’re about to make!

Get on the launch list

Remote Jobseeker’s Handbook

If you haven’t already signed up for the launch list (note: not the email newsletter at the bottom of this page, that’s for my blog!), you should do so right now, so you can be the first to know when it’s available to purchase. Who knows, there might even be an early sneak peek inside the book, and an even sneakier launch discount in it for you if you behave! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Head on over to the book’s landing page for more.

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